About NWR

Get out more. Broaden your horizons. Make new friends. NWR is an international organisation of women's discussion groups. Each group aims to provide its members with the opportunity to take part in stimulating discussions on a wide range of topics.

NWR does not raise money for anybody or any cause. It exists for the benefit of its members. Meetings are very informal and held in peoples' homes, where you will find a warm welcome whatever your age or personal circumstances.

Meetings are lively, always fun and never boring. Groups organise their own programmes that explore a wide variety of topics and avoid domestic issues. Group meetings are weekly, fortnightly, monthly, during the evening or in the daytime, you arrange them to suit yourself. A small annual subscription allows you to take part in as little or as much as you want.

We have many activities going on at each group meeting throughout the UK so you will be able to find one to suit your needs.

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