NWR Newsround

Issue 1

Caption Competition
Just have a look at the attached photo and suggest a suitably amusing caption.

Nominate an outstanding member!
Nominations are required for the Mary Stott Award by 17th April.

2012 NWR's year of Challenges
Has your group decided on any Challenges for this year yet? Of course there is the Big Read...Please send in any of your challenges - or challenge another group?

Annual National Conference 7th July
Join us at the Clarendon Suites, Birmingham. (http://www.clarendon-suites.co.uk/)to listen to our 3 very varied, very interesting speakers.

NWR appears in Choice Magazine
An interview with Mary Dodkins NWR's Communications Co-ordinator on what she found when she joined NWR. 'It's given me friendship and support and intellectual stimulation that you would never believe'...

NWR and Facebook - come on please have your say
Have you looked at NWR's Facebook page? Another Challenge perhaps? Feel free to comment.

Film reviews
There are some fascinating films about women currently on circuit or about to be on circuit...



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