Area Organisers

NWR's groups are divided into Regions (Scotland, North East, North West and North Wales, East, Midlands and South Wales, Central, South East and South West) which are further sub-divided into Areas each containing several local groups. 

We have found that in the areas that have an Area Organiser (AO), the groups are more involved with each other and with NWR nationally.

Why do we need Area Organisers?

  • To support existing groups
  • To remind groups about the national aspect of NWR
  • To encourage and help groups to hold events
  • To help start new groups

What does an Area Organiser do?

  • She is responsible to the NWR Manager for the groups in her area (usually numbering between five and ten)
  • Keeps in touch with the groups in her area and helps them with any problems they might have
  • Gives her groups advice when they ask her for it
  • Organises an Area Meeting for her groups or a meeting for the Local Organisers (LO) once a year
  • Helps to start new groups in her area
  • Keeps her groups in touch with NWR's national events

What does she get from NWR?

  • All expenses paid for NWR activities
  • A contribution towards the cost of her place at the Annual Conference
  • The chance to attend an Area Workshop (generally taking place once a year)