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Sam & Adelia

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WhatsAppening, WhatsAppening ?

Confusion, chaos reign

I try to answer Maureen but

Kath interrupts again

From Canada to custard creams

Camels, change and crocus

Such abundance of the C word

Makes it very hard to focus

Kaiser Chiefs and croquet

Covens, haircuts will be fun

Clever curtains closing

Crosswords, colouring, cajun

I’ve a finger that’s arthritic

Which slows me down somewhat

I’m always getting left behind

Slow down, you rotten lot

The typos keep on coming

With gauge tees, mooing couse

The doves seem to be coping

But groping photo’s not allowed

It was late when Antje joined us

She couldn’t find the link

Connected to another line

Talking to herself we think

You can’t have your cake and eat it

It was virtual you see

And we also lacked a hostess

To make our cups of tea

That did not seem a problem

For in reality

Our ladies, safe behind their screens

Were sipping G&T

One by one we said Goodnight

And signed off for a rest

I so enjoyed my time with you

Bedale Ladies, you’re the best !

Written by Judith Brickwood, a member of Bedale group after their first WhatsApp meeting.  

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Women of the World

Women of the World

we see your life,

in a world of conflict,

pain and strife.


Women being wives,

we feel your pain,

trying to build towards

a life of gain.


Women being mothers,

we know your cry,

aiming, for your children,

for the best of life.


Women being strong,

we share your loss,

humiliation, degradation,

and the heart-felt cost.


Women being heard,

your voice is loud,

it can also be seen

through the dark, dark cloud.


Women of hope,

never give away

your pride, and the effort

towards a better day.


Women of the future,

work through this test,

to help you all

we’re doing our best.


The women here

have not forgotten you

and send strong support

for all that you do.


Nikki Bennett. Copyright

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'Bring an Object' Meeting


Bury St Edmunds group held a 'Bring an Object' meeting which always provides an opportunity to learn something and have a bit of a discussion.

Objects are deposited in a bag and then they are picked out one at a time and members try to work out what it is, what it's importance might be, and who it belongs to.

The tems shown are a cherished 'Brumas' toy bear, a St Thomas' hospital nurse's badge, a Lincoln Imp brooch, Fitzroy Storm Glass, butter curler, walking stick ferrule, Romanian egg ornament, Dorset button rings, and tiny metal sticks to draw peg numbers on a shooting party. Quite a mixture!

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Poetry - The Founding of NWR

A Saga in a nutshell

Lively minded ladies, that is who we are

Finding fun and frienship in the NWR.

Researching topics of many diverse kinds

Laughing at our gaffes as we're broadening our minds.

Our association was started by a few

of stay at home Mother who had the idea to

Host meetings in their houses to enjoy a lively chat

Sharing views and ideas and starting something that

Led to home group meetings that spread out wide and far

And thus became the founding of NWR.

by Rosemary Crawford (Plympton NWR)

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