These are the hands

These are the hands you know so well

Can you remember as a child you fell

The palms of your hands were black and blue

Your mother caressed them and made them like new


These are the hands that played the games

With friends you no longer remembering their names

What joy and fun you had every day

Your mother would warn you not to go astray


These are the hands that are deft and nimble

Learning to sew, knit and use a thimble

Each skill was useful and made you aware

That your mother was prompting you and always there


These are the hands that are growing and maturing

Along the pathway of life to the future securing

These are the hands that now bear a ring

Seeking the future and what it will bring


These are the hands that are loving and caring

With family and friends you are always sharing

Years of usefulness they have given

Working through life with such precision


These are the hands seen by others

These are the hands just like your mothers


Jean Thomason

Crewe and District


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Sixties Song Titles

Listen do you want to know a secret?
Way down yonder in New Orleans is always on my mind. I heard it through the grapevine so I called your name because you are te leader of the pack.
For all we know we could have magic moments and you will feel on top of the world, we will have good vibrations and can dance, dance, dance.   A little less conversation I think!
But it's now or never, go where you wanna go because from this moment on, you've got what it takes.  
Look I want to hold your hand and lead you to the stairway to heaven.  It will be a day in the life so let it be.
Hey Jude, don't let me down because I feel fine, is  that what you wanna do?  I know people have suspicious minds but with a little help from my friends, it will be like poetry in motion. It's been a hard days night with rainy days and mondays but wouldn't it be nice?
Dont let me be misunderstood but we gotta get out of this place.  I just can't get no satisfaction but we will have no regrets so make it easy on yourself. 
The sun aint gonna shine no more but I'm a believer and we will go to the stairway to heaven.  We can listen to the theme from a summer place because there is a house in new orleans they call the rising sun where you are sure to get a taste of honey!
Jean Thomason, Crewe and District
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