Robina Fisher

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On A Glasgow Bus by Robina Fisher

The driver slams the breaks and revs the engine
Passengers struggling to stay on their feet
He makes them pay for more than their fare
Hating them all, because of her ugly spitting mouth

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A Fowl Job by Robina Fisher

Helen makes another futile visit to the Job Centre, just as she has every weekday for the past two months. Times are hard, jobs increasingly scarce. Her one month’s pay in lieu of notice did not last long, and now the bills are piling up. Sitting on a hard plastic chair, she waits her turn to be interviewed. At last, ‘Advisor No 3 – Free for Service.’ flashes onto a screen. Helen recognizes the Advisor from previous ‘interviews’ and knows that this will be an unpleasant encounter. Through a speaker fitted into a dividing protective glass barrier the Advisor’s voice betrays the contempt she feels for Helen, and all the other ‘clients’, as job seekers are called.

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North Corridor **editor's pick**

He had wanted more from life – to fly, to break free from the mundane daily existence. He left them without goodbye. Now and then a stab of guilt disturbed his consciousness.....

The years had passed quickly. He was 35 years old, married with a child of his own, and another on the way. Since becoming a father he had grown to understand the bond parents feel for their children. Memories of his mother and father kept him awake at night.

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Barbara Richardson
Short and sweet, excellent.
Sunday, 28 September 2014 14:52
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