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NWR Office notice

Please note that the office is currently closed due to the Corona virus but staff are continuing to work from home.  

We would appreciate if members could email the office if you have any questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively you can leave a message on the office answerphone 01603 406767 and we can pick it up remotely.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Sam & Adelia

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WhatsAppening, WhatsAppening ?

Confusion, chaos reign

I try to answer Maureen but

Kath interrupts again

From Canada to custard creams

Camels, change and crocus

Such abundance of the C word

Makes it very hard to focus

Kaiser Chiefs and croquet

Covens, haircuts will be fun

Clever curtains closing

Crosswords, colouring, cajun

I’ve a finger that’s arthritic

Which slows me down somewhat

I’m always getting left behind

Slow down, you rotten lot

The typos keep on coming

With gauge tees, mooing couse

The doves seem to be coping

But groping photo’s not allowed

It was late when Antje joined us

She couldn’t find the link

Connected to another line

Talking to herself we think

You can’t have your cake and eat it

It was virtual you see

And we also lacked a hostess

To make our cups of tea

That did not seem a problem

For in reality

Our ladies, safe behind their screens

Were sipping G&T

One by one we said Goodnight

And signed off for a rest

I so enjoyed my time with you

Bedale Ladies, you’re the best !

Written by Judith Brickwood, a member of Bedale group after their first WhatsApp meeting.  

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Broadstone afternoon

Broadstone afternoon

Broadstone Afternoon members exercising and observing the isolation code! 

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Lytham St Anne's diamond celebration

Here are some photos of our group’s Celebration Afternoon Tea at Lytham Hall on Diamond Day. The local press came, took photos and wrote two articles about us. We each had a goody bag containing a special memento which consisted of a tea light holder with our own commemorative transfers affixed. We proposed a toast to Maureen Nicol and a good time was had by all.

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Boscombe East - Ruby Anniversary

Boscombe East - Ruby Anniversary

As our National Organisation celebrates the 60th Anniversary of our creation, we the members of the Boscombe East Group celebrated our 40th Anniversary in February.

The members decided to mark the occasion with an afternoon tea at the Listen Hotel, Boscombe. We invited some past members who had moved away from our area and were very pleased that they could join us.

To mark the occasion members wore red for the ruby anniversary and all looked splendid.

Over the years our members have been involved with the Southampton National Conference, organizing two local conferences and attending many national and local conferences. One member was a trustee for a period of time.

It was lucky that I found the copy of the original letter sent to all members in February 1980 when the group became too big for most homes to accommodate. As one of the present LOs along with my colleague we decided to split the group by geographical location. It has worked well ever since and we have welcomed many new members over the years.

Here’s to the next 40 years!!

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Women of the World

Women of the World

we see your life,

in a world of conflict,

pain and strife.


Women being wives,

we feel your pain,

trying to build towards

a life of gain.


Women being mothers,

we know your cry,

aiming, for your children,

for the best of life.


Women being strong,

we share your loss,

humiliation, degradation,

and the heart-felt cost.


Women being heard,

your voice is loud,

it can also be seen

through the dark, dark cloud.


Women of hope,

never give away

your pride, and the effort

towards a better day.


Women of the future,

work through this test,

to help you all

we’re doing our best.


The women here

have not forgotten you

and send strong support

for all that you do.


Nikki Bennett. Copyright

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Trip to Lytham Hall

Trip to Lytham Hall

Lytham St Annes group are to celebrate Diamond Day with a celebratory Afternoon Tea at our local Georgian manor house Lytham Hall.

Attached is a photo of a vintage bus trip to Lytham Hall that some of our members took a few weeks ago. The vehicle is a 1960s single decker Leyland Tiger Cub owned and driven by John Edwards (the husband of one of or members). The bus will be 60 years old this March 2020 so it was the perfect choice.


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Change of area organiser for Staffordshire

NWR would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Marilyn Vigurs for her dedication and valuable contribution as an area organiser for over 20 years.

Marilyn has helped to organise various day conferences, workshops and area events and been involved in national conference.

We are sure that members of the eleven Staffordshire groups will join the staff in thanking Marilyn for all her support and friendship.

We wish Marilyn well in her future endeavours.

We would like to welcome Pat Sweet, also from the Trentham group who has kindly volunteered to take over the role.


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CAT Radio: Kate Blakemore chats to Jill from the National Women’s Register

For the last 7 years Judy Challinor and I, along with other local members, have represented NWR at Nantwich’s Societies spectacular – an annual showcase for local groups, societies and charities. Each year a local radio broadcaster CAT Radio have been there providing background music. Last July I took the plunge and spoke to their presenter about appearing on the station to publicise NWR. The result can be heard by pressing on the link below. A recording from 6th December.

I confess to being somewhat nervous but Kate Blakemore put me at my ease and away we went. I was expecting to just chat for 10 minutes or so but I was there for the whole hour show! I urge people to give it a go and become a radio presenter – even if it is for just an hour!

Here is the link :

Jill Lucas

Joint Area Organiser for the Midlands 01 Region

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Poetry - The Founding of NWR

A Saga in a nutshell

Lively minded ladies, that is who we are

Finding fun and frienship in the NWR.

Researching topics of many diverse kinds

Laughing at our gaffes as we're broadening our minds.

Our association was started by a few

of stay at home Mother who had the idea to

Host meetings in their houses to enjoy a lively chat

Sharing views and ideas and starting something that

Led to home group meetings that spread out wide and far

And thus became the founding of NWR.

by Rosemary Crawford (Plympton NWR)

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Scrapbook Examples


NWR Diamond LogoCompleted Scrapbook examples from Hampshire

Before we break for the festive holidays we wanted to share with you these examples of completed anniversary Scrapbook pages which have kindly been shared by some groups in Hampshire.

 We hope that you will find these helpful and please do share with your groups.

Likewise if you have completed your pages and are desperate to show them off then please do email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - I'd love to share a few each month!

 Don't forget that you can also look at our Pinterest pages for more inspiration.

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Scrapbook Project

NWR 2020 Scrapbook Project


pause the scrapbooks until further notice and that co-ordinators have been informed and will be in touch when we can continue.

pause the scrapbooks until further notice and that co-ordinators have been informed and will be in touch when we can continue.

The Scrapbook project is part of the Diamond Anniversary celebrations. Please find some information which may answer any questions you may have. 

NWR groups have been divided into 8 regions; Central, Eastern, Midlands, North East, North West, Scotland, South East and South West plus the independent members. Each Region has a Regional Co-ordinator who will be responsible for all the groups in their area. 

They have all been issued with A3 paper and an art carrier for safekeeping the pages in. Each co-ordinator will be responsible for planning a 'route' for the scrapbooks between the groups in their area. The plan is that your group will have two weeks in which to complete your entry.  Ideally, the scrapbooks will be handed over in person from group to group, where possible, to encourage a feeling of interconnection and of being part of a National Organisation.  If not, other ways of forwarding will be worked out. 

Please be patient with your co-ordinators who will begin to notify groups of when they will receive the scrapbooks shortly. The number of groups in each region ranges from 32 to 76 so it may be some time before it reaches your group. 

What happens when the 'scrapbook' reaches your group? You may already be aware that they are not actual books but sheets of A3 paper which will be combined and bound to form books.  

  • In your turn, the A2 art carrier containing the blank sheets and any completed sheets will be delivered to you.
  • Each group should take 2 sheets of the same colour paper and complete it in PORTRAIT style.
  • The content is entirely up to your group but try and aim for 50% images and 50% words.... Possibly a link with 1960 and now......Be creative and make it look attractive........ include e.g. reports, poems, photos, anything you feel reflects your group (but not just 'we did this', 'we did that'). You can choose your own font, size for words and colour of words.
  • For ideas see the NWR Pinterest site at…                                           

  • The only stipulation is that a one-and-a-half-inch border MUST be left at the edge to be bound. The other three sides should have a 1-inch border, or slightly less as long as nothing overhangs the paper. 
  • The pages will be in the form of a double page spread and only one side of each piece is to be used. To use both sides could cause a problem with glue seepage etc. When the scrapbooks are ready for binding and completion, the blank sides will be clipped together in some way, but this is not something the groups need to concern themselves with. 
  • Please ensure your group name is included somewhere on the pages.
  • Also, in the A2 carrier will be some A3 plastic wallets. Once your pages are completed, please place them with blank sides together and put them behind previously completed pages. This will enable other groups to have a look without needing to take them out of the wallet and risking tearing them. 
  • Your co-ordinator will tell you who the 'scrapbook' is to be passed on to.

It is anticipated that the project is completed by the end of 2020 and will be available to view at the 2021 Conference. Ultimately it will be presented to The Women's Library, where our archives are stored.

We hope you will all enjoy filling in your pages and look forward to seeing what NWR means to you!

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Festive Afternoon Tea

Solihull Group having a Festive Afternoon Tea instead of our usual Christmas Dinner! 


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Annual Christmas Tree Festival

Annual Christmas Tree Festival
On the 28th November, St.Mary's Church, Ottery St Mary, was the venue for the Eighth Annual Christmas Tree Festival.
This year our NWR tree was one of 50, all individually decorated by traders and organisations, celebrating our community.
We were able to 'advertise' our organisation, in the knowledge that several hundreds of people were able to see it during the five day festival.
Each year we take pride in our tree and hope that perhaps it might encourage more people to join us, whilst enjoying such a wonderful sight in our Grade 1 listed building. 
Recent comment in this post
Liz Valette
Well done ladies, Christmas tree festivals are a great way to publicise NWR.
Wednesday, 05 December 2018 15:50
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Plympton Romany themed summer party

Plympton Group's Romany themed Summer party - we are holding up the beaded wind chimes we made as part of the evening. 

Plympton Romany themed Summer Party July 2018 2

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Diss NWR visit local rose grower

Diss group visited local rose grower, Peter Beales, and after a walk around the gardens enjoyed a cream tea.

Diss Jpg001 2

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Dronfield website

Please visit our website 

to view our annual programme, news and information about our group. 

We also have a Book Club, Walking Club and Lunch Club.

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The Procession Celebrating 100 Years Since Women Got The Vote

I took part in the London Procession on Sunday 10th June and what a thrilling and joyous experience it was!

Described by the organisers as “a spectacular living art work…a tribute to the Suffrage campaigners”, more than 30,000 women (and girls ) of all ages, colour, creed and sexual orientation assembled in Park Lane, on a beautiful sunny day, to collect our scarves. These were in the Suffragette colours. Some were worn as sashes or shawls and many were made into turbans and other (quite stunning) headdresses. The image we created was meant to be of a flowing river of green, white and violet, a gigantic moving banner. (Aerial shots show this was successful and, as we walked down Pall Mall, the procession stretched from one end to the other – simply breathtaking!)

There were banners aplenty, (Apparently one craft shop in London ran out of purple, green and white tassels and they “didn’t know why”!) Women came from many parts of England, and further afield, including New Zealand and Pakistan. There was a wonderful festival atmosphere, lots of good-natured chanting and singing, not to mention VERY loud music booming out at different points along the route!

All in all, a glorious, memorable day, when we honoured and remembered with pride the brave women who fought for the Vote for us.

Pat Holmes (Member of Finchley / Whetstone NWR)

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Woolton Hill's National Women's Register membership soars

We were fortunate enough to have an article published in our local newpaper last year about our group and how our membership has increased. 

If you'd like to view the article please use the link below.

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TTT Clues and Answers


The 2017 TTT answers are in!

Winners list and message from the Taunton group


Recent Comments
Janet Barclay
We are completely baffled - can we have an additional clue to help us please?
Tuesday, 14 November 2017 21:37
Ann Gillies
Did any groups struggle with the TTT this year? Or was it just us?
Saturday, 18 November 2017 20:32
Karen Elphick
Yep, we found it difficult, and in some cases, impossible! Hopefully the answers will be published soon?
Sunday, 19 November 2017 16:19
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