Ode to an NWR ‘widower’

It came upon a midnight clear

Ooops. No. They came from far and near.

I hung up scarves and coats and hats

And sent them through to have a chat.

They’d brought their bags and sat right down

In my front room, without a frown.

They talked and talked and laughed out loud

Discussed the topic…..What a crowd!

But think about my poor old groom

Who sat alone int’ dining room.

Not allowed into the meeting

Couldn’t even make a greeting.

Worked on laptop all the night

Somehow it didn’t seem quite right

But loudest laugh at end of day

Was his, when coats sold on Eeeeebay!


By Julia Hamby | NWR Bedale and District

Fun and games
Whose life is it anyway?

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