Poetry Cafe held via Zoom by Poole NWR

NWR Poole recently had a special treat! Beth Calverley, spoken word poet and granddaughter of one of the members ran a Zoom workshop. It started with members giving Beth thoughts about their lives which she gathered and used to create a poem – on the spot!

We thought that you might like it too, so here is the image of the poem! It was a novel and very interesting experience. We were all involved with the process and very much enjoyed Beth’s performance of our collaborated creation!

If you think your group would enjoy a Poetry Workshop, see Beth’s website details below:-

Our Lucky Lists

a collaboration between members of NWR Poole and Beth Calverley

Notes from the conversation:

My lucky list: loving family, caring friends, beautiful home, walks to the sea

"What peace there may be in silence"

Quite profound

We've had a lot of silence recently

Monday - such a beautiful day

"each little bird that sings"

They were going bonkers!

A lovely little book - sketches of St Ives

"the sound of the waves and gulls for company"

Girls of the sea

A warm feeling to another person

The loveliest season of the year - longing and togetherness

"this gives life to thee"

Cornish beaches - Loue Valley and Harbour, where I went as a child and teenager

An autograph book entry upside down

"May the task is hard and the way ahead seems rough / and yet in all the trails you meet you find you've strength enough"

"Grant me the serendipity"

Bookshelf fell down - surrounded by books to sort out

"Mum and Dad" - a beautiful thing

"You live life to the fullest / and each day brings out the best."

"Can't we shake hands"

So relevant at the moment

Looking at the harbour

A view that changes every day but doesn't change

Amazing - it's all grey - you know that bluish grey

No boats on the water - waiting for next week

Excitement of a tanker!


Reflections after reading the notes:

How grateful, conscious we are of and for the sea

Caring thread going through - really good friends

How emotional we're feeling - about life - I didn't know - bring back to the surface

How many brought your children into the conversations

Very emotional - the times we're living in 

we're all missing our family - touchy feeling

Trust - we love you for sharing it


© Beth Calverley 

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