How safe IS ‘safe’?

Date: Thu 12 Sep 2019 00:00.


Day Conference

A day conference by Nantwich and Audlem NWR to discuss internet, telephone and media safety in the digital age.

How safe IS ‘safe’? And how can we stay safe? Find out on September 12th 2019. 

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For many people the rapidly developing digital age is alarming, leading to the closure of banks, the decline of high streets and the need to go online for ever more things in daily life, from making appointments to booking rail tickets.   For some the fear of the unknown and the potential for fraud means avoidance, which at a personal level doesn't help, causing them to fall further behind what is rapidly becoming a necessity. We are told the internet is 'safe' but we are also told it has pitfalls, so knowledge and safe practice have to be key to staying safe online, and to helping protect young children.  Our conference aims to help in this respect, with speakers from Cheshire Police Cyber Crime Unit, the Nat West Bank and Trading Standards.  

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