NaTakallam Refugee Voices

Date: Thu 16 Sep 2021.

Lecture from a refugee

For this event, NWR has partnered with NaTakallam ('we speak' in Arabic) - a social enterprise that provides income to refugees and displaced persons through opportunities in the language sector (language lessons, cultural exchange and translation services). NaTakallam pairs displaced people with learners worldwide for online language learning and cultural exchange.

NWR members will hear from Noor - who is in her late twenties and is originally from Salamiyah, Syria. Due to conflict in her home country, Noor moved to Milan, Italy. Previously, she earned a Bachelor's of Science and worked as a biology teacher. In her free time, Noor enjoys drinking yerba mate, playing chess, and riding bikes.

Noor will tell NWR members about her experience of displacement.

NWR is a grateful recipient of a NaTakallam and Ben & Jerry’s free of charge Refugee Voices session.

This session is limited to 50 participants.

This event is for NWR Members-only. You can apply to join NWR here.

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