In other times, before the outbreak of Covid-19, Bramcote NWR met every Wednesday evening in one another’s homes. At the end of May 2020, it was apparent that normal meetings would be impossible for the foreseeable future so we began Zoom meetings, a completely new concept for many of us. We had just planned a new programme and some of the topics lent themselves to Zoom meetings. Not everyone wanted to meet on Zoom. We felt that the sixteen people who did would be too many on one screen for a productive discussion so we subdivided and had several groups of four or five with membership revolving from one meeting to the next. Each meeting lasted for 40 minutes with a second session available to follow on if required. We alternated at first with a discussion meeting one week and a social chat meeting the next. After a couple of months, we dispensed with the chats, in part because a WhatsApp group was up and running very successfully, providing contact, jokes, information and general morale boosting material. Discussion topics have included: a city exceeding your expectations; what would you put in a bag if you had to leave home in a hurry; which book would you most like to have on a desert island; live entertainment – what enthrals you most; a brief picture of a significant person who has influenced or inspired you, or had an impact on your life, and the reasons for your choice. Some members have stayed in touch by walking locally – when allowed in groups of six or fewer.

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