Our members come from Farnham and surrounding areas and, apart from NWR, have a wide range of interests and experiences. Our meetings are held fortnightly in members’ homes on Tuesdays starting 8pm. Like all other UK groups we plan our own programme, which contains a variety of topics, usually member-led but occasionally with an outside speaker, and our latest programme is shown below. In addition to the more serious subjects, we also enjoy socialising – sometimes with a meal, with walks and organised outings. We participate in the annual NWR Quiz, which takes the form of a Telephone Treasure Trail and join with other local groups in quizzes and events. We have an associated book group which meets monthly also on Tuesdays. New members are very welcome and can attend three sessions before deciding whether to join. A new member will be offered a lift to the first meetings so that someone can make the introductions. Our local organiser can be contacted using the link. We have been delighted to share this and other summer meetings with Rosemarie, who belongs to a group in Cornwall and contacted us via the website. Although our homes are often overcrowded for most meetings throughout the year, with members away during May to September a new friend has been most welcome. We wonder whether other groups ‘squeeze in’ someone from another group from time to time. As with taking part in the Telephone Quiz, this has proved a lovely way to make us feel that we are part of a larger group.

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