NWR Milton Keynes is NOT a specific place because we meet in different venues including our homes. But each place is fertile ground where we encourage members to use/share their skills, talents, interests, ideas and experiences even if those skills or interests are new and developing. ruo, but our numbers are increasing steadily. Our group began in 2019 and membership ranges in ages from 40's to 70's but we strive to widen that range. About 50 per cent of our members work part or full time. Therefore, we vary days and times as much as possible to accomodate the availability of our members. We are vibrant women with diverse interests, hobbies and backgrounds. We offer enowomen a place to flourish, find new friends and broaden their horizons. We meet to talk, scuss, and enjoy good company. Group members organise their own programmes that explore a wide variety of topics. Meetings are very informal, at The Plough in Simpson, where you will find a warm welcome whatever your age or personal circumstance. We also arrange to meet for coffee, lunches, walks, activities and outings to places or events of interest. The primary thing is that we share an interest in developing a social group that is informal and flexible so that members feel comfortable attending the events and activities that interest them with no requirement for attendance.

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