Salisbury Area NWR (includes outlying villages) welcomes new members. We do not have an LO but a committee of four members .We meet twice monthly. We meet in each other's homes on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings . Our programme varies from the lighthearted to the serious & includes walks, theatre trips, book reviews & speakers. We also run a separate monthly book club and a Dinner Party Group which includes partners.This year we have also started a Supper Group for members and meet every 6 weeks or so.We are a good sized, thriving and lively group. We look forward to hearing from you and your lively mind! After months of no meetings we are having afternoon outdoor meetings in the Autumn term restricted to groups of six. When the weather turns cooler we will return to evening meetings but these will all be by Zoom.‘ After a spring term of zoom meetings we returned to meeting outdoors in cafe and pub gardens following the rule of6. With this Autumn term we return to meeting in members houses but with restricted numbers pre booking with the host is required. There is a mixture of afternoon and evening meetings


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