Seaford 6 is one of the groups including the more than 70 members we have locally in NWR groups . Seaford 6 has have only been going for 4 years whereas NWR has been active in Seaford since 2001. We enjoy discussions, walks and outings. We meet in each others homes or out in the community roughly once a fortnight depending on our other commitments and the time of year. We do not have a set time to meet but it tends to be mid week evenings. As there are 5 other groups in Seaford we also collaborate across the groups for outings and talks and some of us go to the monthly Gardening group, Walking group, coffee morning, Knit and Natter and Book review group. We have an all Seaford Christmas party and Birthday Tea We find we laugh together whilst sharing experiences, opinions and ideas and enjoy each others' company and making new friendships. At meetings so far we have discussed our ideal dinner party guests, the Scottish referendum, fracking, the Sea in all its moods, the effect of colour in our lives , the links between sugar and obesity, our favourite poems, jobs for the girls, green issues of all kinds and discovered our shared dislikes in a room 101 activity! If you're interested in finding out more we 'd love to hear from you soon as there is space in some of the other Seaford groups . See our local contact details in Seaford Scene also



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