Sadly, like many organisations this past year , our group has been greatly limited in our ability to meet up with each other. However we have established a WhatsApp group so that we can all regularly 'chat' and we can post photos of where we have been walking. Also we have moved our monthly meeting, as well as our book group, to Zoom - which will never be the same a being in a room exchanging views and experiences with our friends - but it does provide a platform for us to all see each other and to carry on researching and discussing topics of interest - something to keep our brains ticking over, which is much needed in the present times! Details about our group and how they would usually operate are below. But until we are able to meet in person, if you would like to have some 'online' company and some interesting things to talk about , then follow the links to making a contact, as we would welcome a fresh face to our merry group. The NWR Taunton Group (covering both town and outlaying areas) offers a varied programme from the lighthearted to more weighty topics as well as theatre trips , garden visits, quizzes, outings, coffee's and lunches. Evening meetings start at 7.30pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month. Additionally on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the morning we meet up in town for a social gathering over coffee. We also have an evening Book Group who meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. If you are an empty nester, retired, early or otherwise, or perhaps new to the area and seeking a new interest, simply use the contact form and we will be happy to send our full programme or meet for a coffee and a chat.

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