Warwick and Leamington Spa Group is a long-standing, friendly group with a very varied programme of discussion meetings and activities. We meet every 2-3 weeks during school termtime. Currently we have 22 members, average age probably late sixties, but we would especially like some younger members. Our average meeting attendance is probably 10. We have several NWR-only satellite groups e.g. Reading Group and a Lunch Group plus less exclusive groups e.g. Scrabble, and Book Group; we also get together in smaller, informal and less regular groups for Rummikub, walking and purely social activities over coffee etc. We are all very actively involved with our families as well as various other, more local, things such as U3A, Ramblers, theatre (active and passive), music, genealogy, other book groups and some serious travel/ holidays. Now that almost all our members are retired, we really are embracing as many extra-mural activities and interests as we can. We do attend regional and national events from time, combining forces so we can share transport and accommodation as required.

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