Change of area organiser for Staffordshire

NWR would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Marilyn Vigurs for her dedication and valuable contribution as an area organiser for over 20 years.

Marilyn has helped to organise various day conferences, workshops and area events and been involved in national conference.

We are sure that members of the eleven Staffordshire groups will join the staff in thanking Marilyn for all her support and friendship.

We wish Marilyn well in her future endeavours.

We would like to welcome Pat Sweet, also from the Trentham group who has kindly volunteered to take over the role.


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CAT Radio appearance

For the last 7 years Judy Challinor and I, along with other local members, have represented NWR at Nantwich’s Societies spectacular – an annual showcase for local groups, societies and charities. Each year a local radio broadcaster CAT Radio have been there providing background music. Last July I took the plunge and spoke to their presenter about appearing on the station to publicise NWR. The result can be heard by pressing on the link below. A recording from 6th December.

I confess to being somewhat nervous but Kate Blakemore put me at my ease and away we went. I was expecting to just chat for 10 minutes or so but I was there for the whole hour show! I urge people to give it a go and become a radio presenter – even if it is for just an hour!

Here is the link :

Jill Lucas

Joint Area Organiser for the Midlands 01 Region

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Scrapbook Project

NWR 2020 Scrapbook Project

The Scrapbook project is part of the Diamond Anniversary celebrations. Please find some information which may answer any questions you may have. 

NWR groups have been divided into 8 regions; Central, Eastern, Midlands, North East, North West, Scotland, South East and South West plus the independent members. Each Region has a Regional Co-ordinator who will be responsible for all the groups in their area. 

They have all been issued with A3 paper and an art carrier for safekeeping the pages in. Each co-ordinator will be responsible for planning a 'route' for the scrapbooks between the groups in their area. The plan is that your group will have two weeks in which to complete your entry.  Ideally, the scrapbooks will be handed over in person from group to group, where possible, to encourage a feeling of interconnection and of being part of a National Organisation.  If not, other ways of forwarding will be worked out. 

Please be patient with your co-ordinators who will begin to notify groups of when they will receive the scrapbooks shortly. The number of groups in each region ranges from 32 to 76 so it may be some time before it reaches your group. 

What happens when the 'scrapbook' reaches your group? You may already be aware that they are not actual books but sheets of A3 paper which will be combined and bound to form books.  

  • In your turn, the A2 art carrier containing the blank sheets and any completed sheets will be delivered to you.
  • Each group should take 2 sheets of the same colour paper and complete it in PORTRAIT style.
  • The content is entirely up to your group but try and aim for 50% images and 50% words.... Possibly a link with 1960 and now......Be creative and make it look attractive........ include e.g. reports, poems, photos, anything you feel reflects your group (but not just 'we did this', 'we did that'). You can choose your own font, size for words and colour of words.
  • For ideas see the NWR Pinterest site at…                                           

  • The only stipulation is that a one-and-a-half-inch border MUST be left at the edge to be bound. The other three sides should have a 1-inch border, or slightly less as long as nothing overhangs the paper. 
  • The pages will be in the form of a double page spread and only one side of each piece is to be used. To use both sides could cause a problem with glue seepage etc. When the scrapbooks are ready for binding and completion, the blank sides will be clipped together in some way, but this is not something the groups need to concern themselves with. 
  • Please ensure your group name is included somewhere on the pages.
  • Also, in the A2 carrier will be some A3 plastic wallets. Once your pages are completed, please place them with blank sides together and put them behind previously completed pages. This will enable other groups to have a look without needing to take them out of the wallet and risking tearing them. 
  • Your co-ordinator will tell you who the 'scrapbook' is to be passed on to.

It is anticipated that the project is completed by the end of 2020 and will be available to view at the 2021 Conference. Ultimately it will be presented to The Women's Library, where our archives are stored.

We hope you will all enjoy filling in your pages and look forward to seeing what NWR means to you!

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Telephone Treasure Trail - Winners for 2019

Thank you to all groups who participated in this years quiz and a big thank you to the Battle & District group for hosting.

Please find the Clues and Answers and the Winners for 2019 by using this link TTT 2019 and scrolling down the page to download.      

Some testimonials from participating groups.....

Lymm had a great time last night doing the Telephone Treasure Trail.  It is one of our annual highlights.  

Poynton 3

“Thank you so much Battle Group for a great Quiz. We all really enjoyed it. It struck a good compromise between fiendishly difficult and too easy.  We set it a few years ago and know how hard it is!

Thanks for your hard work”…

Ross on Wye

“Thank you – a good quiz- sufficiently challenging but not too obscure. We had a great evening.” 

Heswall 2

“Thank you for an excellent quiz-we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Well done – great theme.

Arnold (Nottingham)

“Thank you very much Battle and District Group. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening. It is one of the most popular meetings in our year.”


“We have suffered severe flooding and the post has been disrupted. Will post on 12/11/19 but not sure what the collections are like.  We thought it was a good quiz. Made you think but we got most interested to find the answers we missed. Thank you.”


“Thank you! We had a great evening doing the quiz!”


Thank you! We enjoyed it! Congrats!

St. Margaret’s and Twickenham,

We really enjoyed this year’s TTT even if we didn’t find all the answers! Many thanks to Battle and District for an interesting evening.  

Letchworth Garden City

Thank you all very much, Battle NWR Group, we had a great evening and thought you did a fantastic job! Web clue-No idea!!

Cheltenham and Charlton Kings

We wanted to thank you for setting a very good quiz!  You did an excellent job of having a clear theme, lots of different types of clues and a good level of difficulty. We had an excellent evening of entertainment. We really appreciate the time and trouble you took with this and wish you luck with all the marking. 


Thanks for a great quiz, girls- proper cryptic clues this year!!!

Balsall Common Group.

Really enjoyable quiz. Thanks to all at The Battle and District Group


I would like to congratulate you and your group for setting such an excellent quiz. A mix of quite easily solvable and questions we really had to think hard about. Our group really enjoyed the evening and were all involved. We appreciate the effort you made. 


We would like to say how much we enjoyed this years TTT. This is the first time for many years that we have been able to submit a complete answer sheet. Thank you Battle and District from 12 Welsh members in Radyr.


Thank you Battle and District for a very enjoyable quiz. Just the right degree of difficulty which gave us a few challenges, without leaving us frustrated. 

Hassocks & Area - “Thank you for making it all happen - we had a fun evening.”


“Thank you for your hard work producing this TTT. We had a great time coming up with the answers. A most enjoyable evening.”


Hi Glynis, we really enjoyed your quiz. Liked the fact that it was a good mixture of difficult, less difficult and fairly easy.  P.S. We found clue 1. the real killer!

Hemel Hempstead South

Hemel Hempstead South Group would like to thank you for this brilliant Quiz which we have thoroughly enjoyed. It’s been a most enjoyable evening and we nearly guessed them all! Thank you so much! 


Just to say that I enjoyed being a Clue Holder last week for the TTT.  I had 30 calls during the evening, between 8pm and 9.30pm.  Like someone else said on NWR Chat it went quiet after 9.30pm.  I guess this is because everyone had got their clues!  I also took part in our Group (Brighton) evening and thank Battle & District Group for putting a great trail together! 


Thank you for your reply. As a group we thoroughly enjoyed this year’s TTT with the clues being clever and most of all – possible to answer!! We enjoyed the challenge and I also enjoyed being a clueholder! Lots of enjoyment!!


 TTT Winners for 2019 














Clue Holder Name



Sue Stedman


Mavis Bailey



Julie Read

Hythe / Waterside

Linda Taylor

Milngavie / Bearsden


Brenda Wornham


Liz Lewis

Leicester South


Glynis Shaw

Battle & District

Lin Wright




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Poring over the Past – NWR at the Women’s Library

Poring over the Past – NWR at the Women’s Library

This week our chair of trustees, Josephine Burt, along with National Organiser Natalie Punter and Mary Stott Award winner (and former National Organiser) Antoinette Ferraro visited the Women's Library at the London School of Economics (LSE). This library holds records of the women’s’ movement in 19th and 20th centuries including the NHR/NWR archives.  Here's what she had to say.

Antoinette, Natalie and I recently spent a wonderfully interesting day at The Women’s Library (part of the British Library and currently housed at the London School Of Economics, LSE, in Central London) looking at 60 years of NWR heritage.

The Women's Library houses England’s primary library and museum resource on women, women’s issues and history, and the women’s movement from, primarily, the 19th and 20th centuries. The main collection dates back to the mid-1920s, though the core collection was formed from a library established by Ruth Cavendish Bentinck in 1909. These archives moved to LSE, as part of the British Library collection, in 2013.

We had the opportunity to view photos and marketing materials dating back to the early 60s even the official annual reports and financial returns, though we decided to leave those for another day!

It was lovely to see photos of the women who set up and ran the organisation from 1980 - having read the book that details our first twenty years 1960-1980 (“The Lively-Minded Women” by Betty Jerman published in 1980) and it was great to see the original materials upon which it was based. Antoinette was delighted to find some photos of the National Group in the 1980's which included her.

Some of the publicity materials looked very dated, as they would, but the Golden Anniversary literature (from 2010) looked fresh and vibrant. We also found a hidden gem – a poster from the 1960s – which we are thinking of rejuvenating for our anniversary! (watch this space).  It was sobering and yet reassuring to find that the problems and issues we have today have been there over the years and are really a feature of informal organisations such as ours.

I felt very nostalgic when I found some local press cuttings from Leighton Buzzard from the 1980's and recognised the names of friends I met through NWR. I’d like to thank our members and LOs for keeping such excellent records of our history and I think we owe it to the next generation of NWR to ensure we continue to send in materials from the last 10 years and onwards.

For those of you (individually or as a group) who would like to see the archives for yourselves NWR members are welcome to visit by appointment - see or call LSE Library 020 7955 7229

Josephine Burt, Chair of Trustees

Celebrating 60 years of the National Women’s Register and the National Housewive’s Register – 1960-2020

 National Conference 2020 – Precious Gems - A Celebration! 11th-13th September 2020

#NWRDiamondDays #NWRdiamondconf2020 #LivelyMindedWomen

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