Free Theatre Workshop from Birmingham-based "Women & Theatre"


I am delighted to inform you that NWR have received an invitation from the women-owned, Birmingham-based theatre company "Women & Theatre" for our members to participate in a free theatre workshop on Friday 25 October 2019 (3.30-5pm) and Saturday 26 October 2019 (11-12.30pm)

These creative workshops are being held at The REP in conjunction with the launch of their new production Prime Time. Led by one of Birmingham’s most exciting female writers, and co-writer of Prime Time, Rochi Rampal, the workshop will involve drama and writing activities giving participants the chance to explore with others the joys, challenges and opportunities of women around retirement age.

These are free workshops open to all – no previous experience necessary.

Places are limited so booking is essential. Please book directly with Women & Theatre by calling 0121 449 7117 and please mention my name (Alice Hicks) or NWR at the time of booking.


Not up for treading the boards yourself? Why not simply enjoy the show?-

Women & Theatre presents PRIME TIME - three intimate and entertaining monologues that capture diverse experiences of women of retirement age, coming to Birmingham Repertory Theatre from 23-26 October 2019, BOOK NOW.  (Wednesday - BOOKED OUT, Saturday matinee - BOOKED OUT; Thurs, Fri, Sat 8pm showings - LIMITED TICKETS available.

Prime Time photo

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

23 - 26 October 2019

Comprising three monologues created from research interviews by three Birmingham-based writers, this funny and moving production presents wide-ranging experiences of women of retirement age.

Tickets are on sale via The REP on 0121 236 4455 or


If you do take part (or just see the show) please get in touch and let me know how it went - I'm Alice Hicks at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope to continue to bring you wonderful, unique opportunities such as this as part of NWR’s commitment to adding value to your membership!

Alice, Membership and Communications Coordinator, NWR

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Equality and accessibility - NWR's commitment to you.

This year NWR made a commitment to our members to improve our accessibility as an organisation, including our responsibilities under the Equalities Act and financial accessibility, and to become and remain a Carbon Neutral organisation.

One initiative, launched in April, is the NWR members’ hardship fund. This is designed to ensure that members are never forced to leave NWR due to financial issues, illness etc. It also allows potential new members to receive subsidised membership, should hardship otherwise prevent them from joining.Our first hardship fund applicant came almost immediately via Susan, an LO.

Susan explained that a longstanding member, Belinda, had become seriously unwell and, when group subs renewals came around, found herself in difficulties. Her group felt — as I would — that it would be inappropriate to approach Belinda or her husband. So, what to do? Previously Belinda’s membership would have lapsed, along with that all-important connection with other women through our organisation’s local groups, regional events and conferences, regular newsletters and magazines and, of course, our very popular national conferences.

Fortunately, LO Susan knew about our new hardship fund and approached me directly. We discussed what NWR meant to Belinda and the nature of her illness. I decided to grant a three-month membership subsidy. Three months rolled by and Susan and I spoke again. Belinda had approached the group to ask about remaining a member and, to our delight, she said “Of course I want to stay!” Happy Days!

However, this isn’t about NWR or about one NWR group losing a member: it’s about making sure that women who want or need to be connected to likeminded women may do so - regardless of financial restrictions. Sitting at home today you might not consider that the loss of one member, long-term or new, matters - but it matters to them and it matters to me.

I am delighted to be with NWR to celebrate the diamond 60th anniversary and I am excited to see what we can do to involve as many women as possible in the years to come. So, as you peruse the magazine and attend your meetings, please think “What can I do, in my group or as an individual, to make sure that the objectives of NWR — to connect, to educate and intellectually stimulate women in my community — are honoured?” We all need to be thinking back over the past (nearly) 60 years and asking “What did I need?” and “What can I do now?”

Happy 59 and a halfth anniversary, and I look forward to seeing you all next year! AMH 

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South West Salisbury Visit

Ten NWR friends recently visited Salisbury and enjoyed an informative walk around the fantastic Cathedral Close on Monday morning. The tour was lead by member Liz who told us many interesting facts about many of the houses.... the history, famous visitors and residents and the ghosts!

The sun was shining for (at least part of) the day and we enjoyed a jolly lunch in the Cathedral Refectory.

What a wonderful day! Please let us know what other events NWR members are enjoying around the country!

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Diamonds Are Forever! Capturing NWR's Photographic Gems!

Diamonds Are Forever! Capturing NWR's Photographic Gems!

Get Your Cameras Out For Our NWR Competition!

NWR are pleased to announce the launch of our Photographic competition – with twelve winning images being immortalised in a commemorative calendar to be released in celebration of our diamond anniversary in 2020.

So, what do you need to do?

First of all dust off your camera, refresh your skills while you're out and about, and get your creative juices flowing!

There are four categories:

  • "I get by with a little help from my friends"
  • "The more things change, the more they stay the same
  • Women of the world; and
  • A visual interpretation of a poem/song

We can accept pictures taken on any device but all images must be available, and submitted, in colour. If you wish to use film you may but the image should be initially submitted in a high-specification digital format. All images must be scaleable to A3. You may submit multiple entries to each category. Images will be judged by a panel of professional photographer, NWR’s Membership and Communications Coordinator and the NWR magazine editor.

Photographs will be judged on composition, focus, clarity, colour depth, overall image quality, creativity and relevance to the brief/topic.

How to create a winning image?

Think about the brief. Be smart and use your imagination. De-clutter the image and focus on what your picture is about then fill the frame with it. Practice, Practice, Practice! Start taking your camera wherever you go and take photos every day – no matter how good a photographer you are we all get a little rusty.

Be original. Equipment, even on a phone, is incredible these days – the one thing you can always use to stand out is your own creativity. Put something of yourself in the image. Two photographers can shoot the same subject in the exact same conditions and produce totally different images.

How? By inserting your interpretation and your perspective. Shoot what you love. Use The Golden Triangle or rule of thirds – nature is based upon these magical mathematical rules and they will elevate your work too. Don’t centre your subject (usually). Use space.

Simplify and exaggerate – you may wish to use contrasting colours, juxtaposition with other objects, even shutter speed to give a well-defined image/scene. Create depth and use leading lines to draw the viewer in and create a journey through the image.

Lighting is everything! Never shoot into the sun/ in the middle of the day unless you REALLY know what you’re doing. Understand the “temperature” of the light. Use the golden hours at sunrise and sunset – the light is beautiful. Edit yourself ruthlessly!

Closing date 31/07/20. Terms and conditions apply. Full competition rules will eventually be available on the website.

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