Telephone Treasure Trail 2014

Poynton 3 Group invites your group to take part in this year's Telephone Treasure Trail.

10th to 13th November 2014

•Join in with NWR groups all over the country

•£100 1st prize

•£50 nightly prize

•2 x £20 nightly clue holders' draw

•Loads of fun

To enter

•Complete the entry form and return to Head Office

•Include a minimum donation of £5

•Include an e-mail contact or stamped addressed postcard for confirmation of your entry

Closing date for entries

The closing date for entries is 13th September 2014.
No late entries can be accepted

What happens next?

•In early November your group will receive an envelope containing an instruction sheet, an answer sheet containing your 1st clue and a list of clue holders with phone numbers.

•On the evening of your choosing, you need to start your meeting promptly so that you can start phoning as soon as the lines open at 8pm. Allow time to read through the instructions before you begin. Remember the phone lines close at 10pm.

•Have plenty of reference books and internet access available and of course wine and nibbles to keep you going!

•When you have finished, return your answer sheet to Poynton 3 Group.

To be a clue holder

•All you need is a telephone and a free evening.

•You will need to disable your Call Minder Service for the evening, if possible, and/or your answer phone.

•All volunteers will get a letter in early October asking them to confirm their details and availability

•Nearer the time you will receive your instructions, your answer and clue and a list of Emergency Clue Holders