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Vivienne Arkell - Land's End to John o' Groats

Date: Thursday 28th May at 6 pm

Vivienne Arkell will be talking abou the trials and tribulations associated with planning and walking over 1,200 mils from Land's End to John O'Groats in 2017 that certainly tested her patience and endurance.  She was raising money for 'Classroom in the Clouds@ a project to fund teachers working at high altitude in the Himalayas.  The experience has had positive and far-reaching benefits in her life.


Jeremy Holmes - The ideas and Poetry of John Donne

Date:  Thursday 4th June at 6 pm

John Donne was controversial even in the early 17th Century.  He wrote some of the most sensitive and moving love poetry in the English language but also became Dean of St Paul's Cathedral.  He grew up a Catholic but converted to Protestantism in an age when religion and politics were so interwoven peeople were burnt at the stake for their beliefs.  He gave some of the greatest sermons ever, with crowds queuing to hear him, but was ofrever conscious of his own mortality.  As Donne said: "Ask not for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee".  This talk dramatises and explains his writing and thinking.


Rosemary Cook - The Nightingale Shore Murder: Solving a 100 year old crime!

Thursday 11th June at 6 pm

Rosemary Cook, author of The Nightingale Shore Murder, the award-winning book behind Channel 5's Agatha and the Truth of Murder, invites you to try to solve this 100-year-old true crime.  Florence Nightingale Shore, a decorated army nurse just back from WWI France, was murdered on a train in 1920.  No one was ever brought to trial for the crime.  In this interactive presentation you will meet the suspects, see the evience and hear the theories, both old and new, about 'whodunnit'.  then it's up to you to decie who YOU think committed this terrible crime.


Alan Jones - History and Mystery of Hypnosis

Tuesday 16th June at 2 pm (Mirthy talk)

Look into my eyes!  alan Jones will unravel the history and mystery of hypnosis which dates back tot he dawn of civilisation, and the modern day benefits of Hypnotherapy.  And you can all sit back and relax because he promises that none of you will become a chicken!


Brenda Cameron - Bedbound to Everest

Thursday 25th June - at 6 pm  (Mirthy talk)

Brenda takes the audience from when she was 40 years old; married with two sons with a successful career.  By the age of 50, Brenda had been struck down with ME and ent on to spend the next 8 years flat on her back staring at the ceiling, unable to have a conversation, listen to the radio, watch TV, eat, sleep or bear sunlight.  This is her miraculous story.


Neil Sadler - A Policeman's Lot

Date:  Tuesday 30 June at 2pm  (Mirthy talk)

Neil Sadler spent 30 years as a police officer, working in exotic places like Abu Dhabi and Trinidad, not to mention Crawley and Haywards Heath!  He started in the heady 1970s in the renowned holiday resort of Bognor Regis.  Yu will be amazed to hear who he met on his first night shift at 3 am.  Also - where not to try and escape the traffic cope in one particular country and finally a novel use for a policeman's helmet. 


Howard Slater - Unusual British Customs

Date:  Thursday 9th July at 6 pm

Most of the counties of Britain have an ancient custom or traditional festival at some time during the year: many have more than one.  This talk covers some of themore unusual British customs and traditions and explains the History of British Christmas customs and traditions.


Towse Harrison - Wedlocked: Women - know your place!

Date: Thursday 16th July at 6 pm

Most women in the past had few choices about life and marriage partners.  Usually they found themselves 'owned' by, or in positions of, dependence on a man - father, husband, brother, guardian.  This is the story of how some came up with drastic and noverl solutions when this arrangement went wrong, displaying remarkable strength and resilience in a society whose attitudes and laws were weighed against them.


Elaine Perkins - Protection in the Medieval Period

Tuesday 21st July at 2 pm

Elaine delivers er talks in the first person and in costume as a medieval Cunning woman, with a range of found and mde objects to help people see life through the eyes of ordinary Medieval men and women.  In the Medieval Period, if the church couln't help, you turned to the local Cunning Woman fo rhte answers.  From ancient spells,such as the Nine Herb charm to Flying Ointment and mandrake root, Agnes Peterkin has the knowledge to help.  Whether it be elves, evil witches or natural disasters, whatever your problem, she has the answer, using natural items, roots, plants, herbs and trees.


Elizabeth Gowing - A Courageous and Skilled Shot: Montenegro's Photographer Princess Ksenia

Date:  Thursday 30th July at 6 pm

The eighth daughter of King Nikola cose her own way in life, carving out a place for herself as secretary and valued advisor to her father, becoming the first women in Montenegro to drive, and developing a particular talent for photography (though a contemporary also described her as a 'courageous and skilled shot with a pistol')