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Hi everyone!  We hope you all enjoyed the quiz this year despite the reservations about taking part digitally which from feedback received went better than anticipated!  Groups have been overwhelmingly positive and it sounds like everyone had a great time.

We would like to thank the Sheffield / Crookes members for an excellent quiz this year with just the right mixture of clues, some easy and some making us think a little harder!


And the winners are in...

TTT Clues and Answers plus prize winners

There were a total number of 205 entries this year.  

Groups scoring 20 = 75

Groups scoring 19 = 54

Groups scoring 18= 22

Groups scoring 17 = 14

This very popular annual telephone quiz has been running since 1995. The quiz usually runs over four nights one week in November from Monday to Thursday. 

Each year one NWR group volunteers to set the 23 questions and the NWR Office administers the actual organisation, which is complex and time consuming. Of the 23 questions each group will answer only 20 sequentially, starting with the number appointed to them. Each year has a theme and in the past these have included seasons, colours, famous battles, towns with similar names and plants.

The quiz also involves volunteer clue holders who stand by their phones from 8pm to 10pm on their allotted nights to accept answers and provide groups with the next question. This complicated sequence is all worked out by the Office beforehand. Clue holders are allotted a different night to their group's quiz night. There is also a list of emergency clue holders to stand by for last minute changes or emergencies.

All of the Groups taking part are sent a quiz pack containing an instruction sheet, answer sheet and list of clue holders for the night they are taking part. Answers are written on the sheet provided and returned to the group organising the TTT for marking. Prizes are allocated to winning groups per night and also one overall winning group. Only after the marking do the questions (and answers of course) appear on this website. Clueholders names are also drawn out of a hat for two nightly prizes. 


Monday 9 to Thursday 12 November 

•Join in with NWR groups all over the country

•£100 1st prize

•£50 nightly prize

•2 x £20 nightly clue holders' draw

•Loads of fun

What happens next?

•In early November your group will receive an instruction sheet, an answer sheet containing your 1st clue and a list of clue holders with phone numbers.

•On the evening of your choosing, you need to start your meeting promptly so that you can start phoning as soon as the lines open at 8pm. Allow time to read through the instructions before you begin. Remember the phone lines close at 10pm.

If we are still in lockdown you will need a way of connecting with all your other group members i.e. using Zoom, WhatsApp etc.  You can pass the Clue Holder list onto members and then consider allocating clues so a few members can ring round to gather some clues in and share the clues with the group over Zoom for discussion.  Once you have some answers some members could ring to check answers whilst another few could start to collect the next few clues to share and so on.  We're sure a lot of you will have come up with your own plan. 

•Have plenty of reference books and internet access available and of course wine and nibbles to keep you going!

•When you have finished, return your answer sheet to the address on your answer sheet.  We will be allowing extra time to get these in this year so check the instructions.

To be a clue holder

•All you need is a telephone and a free evening.

•If possible you will need to disable your Call Minder Service/Answer phone service for the evening.

•All volunteers will get a letter in early October asking them to confirm their details and availability

•Nearer the time you will receive your instructions, your answer and clue and a list of Emergency Clue Holders


 Past Telephone Treasure Trail – Clues, answers and winners

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