local groups

No other organisation allows women to come together and connect informally in the same way as NWR does.


    • Organise themselves within easy guidelines so that each group can develop a structure to suit its members

    • Choose to meet when and where they wish and plan their own programmes

    • Hold the majority of their meetings in members' homes but some meet in other venues

    • Often extend their activities to include book groups, walking groups, scrabble groups etc.

    • Participate in nationally organised activities such as the Big Read and Telephone Treasure Trail events so that groups and members can engage with each other

So what are the guidelines?

    • Discussions are central to the programme of meetings with occasional visits, speakers and social events.

    • Each group has a Local Organiser who is the contact for the group with the NWR Office. It is a role that is taken by a member of the group and held for a year or two; each member generally takes a turn but, don't worry, newer members will not be expected to take this role until they feel ready to do so.

    • All members of the group have some part to play in planning the programme and hosting or leading meetings. The Local Organiser is usually the one who keeps a watchful eye to ensure that all goes according to plan.

Meeting and connecting face-to-face is where it all started but many members now also enjoy interacting online through the website forums and social networks – the best of both worlds.


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